5 Reasons to Choose The Mixplant For Online Mastering or Music Mixing

Real World Professional Mixing and Mastering Experience

Cheap Mastering and Mixing, without Sounding Like It

  • I cater for all the producers: bedroom, hobbyist or professional. The Mixplant makes it easy for everyone to have their music sound as good as possible without having to hit the big studios and break the bank.
  • My operating costs and overhead are lower than many of the larger dedicated studios. Now, you can have the big studio sound without the big studio and producer price.

Great, Friendly Service

  • I am available via Skype, IM and email to work with you every step of the way. And I’m Canadian, it’s in my genes to be friendly!

I’ve Been in Your Position

  • As a producer myself for almost two decades, I know what you’re looking for and can help you get your track sounding it’s best. You dona’t have to spend years learning from mistakes. Use my experience to get you instantly faster and further along the learning curve.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

  • If you aren’t totally happy with the end result, I’ll refund your initial purchase. No angry phone calls, no awkward emails, no problem at all.

Nice things you guys are saying about The Mixplant

AMAZING! This is how it should sound! – Paul Oakenfold & TC

Wow, the mixplant got my mix sounding PHAT. – Gaston P.

Thank you so much for mastering, great job as usual! – Marcel G.

Holy shit! This one is epic! – Nuschool

Thanks so much – I can’t believe how amazing your mix is. I’m dumbfounded! – Brian A.

Many thanks Tim, youa’ve done a brilliant job on this one! I’m so chuffed. – Damien Z.

YES I LOVE IT WOW … – Jimmy R.

Tim’s professional attitude and trained ear made our tune sparkle. Thanks! – The Sargents

Your mix is going down a treat. Thanks so much!! -Steve

Quite chuffed with how that’s turned out. I’ll have a few more tracks to master in the not too distant future and will recommend you to my friends. – Dave R.

I frickin love it !! you have done such a good job on it and removed soo much excess noise. The bass sounds great and its exactly what I wanted. – TrebleKlef

I have been a big fan of Tim’s own productions for a while and the work he has done on my tracks is fantastic. He really knows how to add a professional sheen to my mixes and I would reccommend Tim to anyone wanting to take their tracks to the next level. – Nu-Perspektive

Wow sounds great!!! I see what you mean about the bass, it sounds a lot fuller now. – Elvy

I was completely knocked off my chair with the final result. Tim keep your schedule clear as i have more coming your way! – Jean-Paul

Sounds awesome mate! I love it !! – S. M.

I listened to the mastered version in different places and speakers and it is awesome, very professional and clean! – Gentle Punch